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Special Education Services & Support Options

  • Specially designed instruction in reading. This could be Take Flight implemented with adaptations to meet the unique needs of the child (Ex. one-on-one instruction instead of small group, slower pace, etc) to ensure the student is meeting progress goals. Or, the district could use other evidence-based dyslexia interventions to provide a more individualized program

  • Accommodations to meet individual student needs

  • Monitoring teacher who oversees student’s performance and challenges in all classes. Also coordinates support between student, parents & educators.

  • In-Class Support teacher in some / all classes for additional support, additional tutorials, etc.

  • Structured study hall led by special education teacher who also interfaces with student’s teachers

  • Test administration via small group pull-out with a consistent person who can provide oral administration, oral clarification, small-group setting, etc.

  • Individualized assistive technology options for writing, organization, note-taking, etc

  • Written expression support (this could include ongoing, explicit instruction in handwriting, spelling, composition, etc.)

  • Occupational therapy (fine motor, handwriting, etc)

  • Speech therapy (articulation of sounds / words, fluency of speech, processing what is heard, etc.)

  • Services of specialized teachers to teach your child how to achieve their individualized goals and monitor their progress towards meeting goals (Ex. executive function, study skills, organization, anxiety, etc)

Section 504 Services & Support Options

  • Accommodations

  • For dyslexic students, 2 years of Take Flight dyslexia intervention in a small group

  • Assistive technology for text-to-speech (audio) based on what district chooses to provide to all dyslexic students


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