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These files were created specifically for parents in the Park Cities community.


More coming soon, including updates related to the changes made to the Texas Dyslexia Handbook.

NEW Texas Dyslexia Law - 2023

The Beckley Wilson Act is named after a former HPISD student and was championed by the Decoding Dyslexia Park Cities leadership team. This law brings needed changes to the way students with learning differences are evaluated, educated, and protected.

Parent Guide to Evaluations - pending update

(all students suspected of having dyslexia should have a Full Individual Evaluation)

Assessment in HPISD

Understanding Test Scores


Parent Resources for Students Identified as “At Risk” for Dyslexia

Selecting an Advocate

Dallas Dyslexia Evaluators

Accommodations - Student Feedback Form

Guide for Meeting Preparation and Notes

Presentations from Speakers at DDPC meetings.

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